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people watching ● competition clips M ISS T EEN , M ISS AND M RS . M INNESOTA I NTERNATIONAL P AGEANT MINN IT TO WIN IT: The new Miss Minnesota International queen, Charity Bess, is crowned center stage. PHOTO BY PAULA PRESTON PHOTOGRAPHY T he Miss Teen, Miss and Mrs. Inter- national Pageant of Minnesota is a showcase of the many accomplishments of Minnesota women. The International pageant motivates women and their fami- lies to exemplify traditional family values and to get involved within their commu- nities. In the words of Krista Wanous, Miss Minnesota and Miss International 2012: “It is more than just a pretty face, but a driving force with a cause behind it”. The competition was an energetic, one-day event with women arriving from all corners of the state to compete. The pageant began with five-minute individual interviews with five different judges. Each contestant was questioned based on testing the knowledge of their platform. Following the interview catego- ry was the evening gown event. Each woman was judged on their display of poise, elegance and grace while dazzling the audience in a gown of their choices. Fitness wear followed and each dele- gate wore the national selected fitness wear. They were judged on being physi- cally fit, energetic and healthy. The Miss and Teen divisions competed in an addi- tional event called Fun Fashion Wear. The girls’ outfits were meant to reflect their personalities and show off their flairs for fashion and style. Ultimately, only three women could earn the top titles for 2013: Mrs. Min- nesota International Andrea Bennett Xiong, Miss Minnesota International Charity Bess and Teen Minnesota Inter- national Megan Muehlberg. Additional awards were also present- ed, including: Pageantry Spirit Award, Danielle Enberg (Miss); Volunteer Service Award, Johnnie Barthel (Mrs.); Team Spirit Award, Latisha Moening (Mrs.); Community Spirit Award, Jasmine Stan- ton (Miss); Pitchbook Award, Hilary Wichenhauser (Teen); Amity Award, Bai- ley Reese (Miss); Photogenic Award, Lisa Thomas (Mrs.), Ellen Dahlquist (Miss), Libby Yost (Teen); People’s Choice Award, Latisha Moening (Mrs.), Ellen Rorman (Miss), Mariah Rattanasamay (Teen); Media Award, Amy Lyon (Mrs.), Marissa Kunerth (Teen); Cover Model Award, Ellen Dahlquist (Miss), Libby Yost (Teen); Directors Award, Latisha Moening (Mrs.), Danielle Enberg (Miss); and the Media Award, Amy Lyon (Mrs.), Marissa Kunerth (Teen). □ Minnesota Int’l Pageant Mrs. Minnesota Intn’l ___Andrea Bennett Xiong Miss Minnesota Intn’l __________Charity Bess Teen Minnesota Intn’l ______Megan Muehlberg I NTERNATIONAL J UNIOR M ISS DC MD VA FASHION ICONS: The new titleholders of the International Junior Miss Maryland, DC and Virginia pageants put on a showcase of style and entertainment at this year’s competitions in Washington DC. T he stage was set for the International Junior Miss DC MD VA State Pag- eant. This year’s event included the fashion show, “Music Fashion Icons,” showcasing more than 40 elite models on the all-star runway paying tribute to the most power- ful women in the music industry, such as Madonna, Beyoncé, and Lady Gaga. The pageant began with delegates participating in the preliminary pageant and various optional competitions. The preliminary gown competition graced the 96 PAGEANTRY stage with 25 reigning and visiting IJM ti- tleholders on-stage for a group photo in promoting IJM sisterhood. Later in the evening, delegates and parents enjoyed a Pajama Party with music and a dance con- test, while they donated new pajamas and new children’s books for children in need to support of the Pajama Program. The final event consisted of the per- sonal introductions, interviews and evening wear competitions, with the win- ners of this competition announced after the opening number of the finale. The Maryland winners: Jr. Princess Division, Ruby Harper; Princess Division, Kennedi Scott; Pre-Teen Division, Makenzie Simmons, Jr.; Teen Division, Jasmine Blunt; Teen Division, Alexandra Albrecht and Miss Division, Mary Hilley. The Virginia winners: Jr. Princess Di- vision, Ashley Rodriguez; Princess Divi- sion, Amya Caldwell; Pre-Teen Division, Sydney Spencer, Jr.; Teen Division, Faith Webb; Teen Division Vandalia Bryant- Scott and Miss Division, Staci Londy. The DC winners: Jr. Princess Division, Nicole Myrick; Princess Division, Yakira Gilmore; Pre-Teen Division, Ariana Agnew, Jr.; Teen Division, Jamese Sim- mons and Teen Division, Lystra Edwards. Also, crowned at the pageant was Miss Puerto Rico, Junior Teen Ashley Lynn Medina. □ IJM DC MD VA Queens Miss Maryland IJM _____________Mary Hilley Miss Virginia IJM ______________Staci Londy Miss DC Teen IJM ___________Lystra Edwards Miss Puerto Rico Jr. Teen __Ashley Lynn Medina