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MRS. FLORIDA 2013 DEANNA SILVA For St. Pete’s Sake At a stunning and electrifying ceremony, St. Petersburg’s Deanna Silva emerged from a field of her state’s most outstanding married women to become Mrs. Florida America S unny Central Florida and Westgate Lakes Re- sorts played host to the 2013 Mrs. Florida Amer- ica pageant, as married women from across the state vied for the right to represent their home state. With Mrs. World (and former Mrs. Florida and Mrs. America) April Lufriu in attendance, the com- petitors gracing the stage would each try to impress upon the judges their unique qualifications to wear the crown of Mrs. Florida America. To capture the crown, the married women of Florida would compete in three phases of competition. Held previ- ously in the day, the personal interview offered the judges an insight as to the determination and commitment of the contestants. As family members, well-wishers, supporters and visiting queens in the audience took their seats, the Mrs. Florida America pageant began the search for its next titleholder. Could lightning strike twice and the next na- tional and international winner be on the stage this late spring evening? Following the opening production number and personal introductions, the delegates were ready to take to the stage in the first competition of the evening. Offering a great role model system for married women, the Swimsuit competi- tion presented their personal senses of confidence and ded- ication to fitness and healthy lifestyles. With two phases of competition complete, the judges were in the unenviable position of paring the field to a Top 5. While elegant in any event or red carpet celebration, the Evening Gown presentation takes on a more poignant aura when the delegates take the stage in a Mrs. competition. Elegant, personal and graceful, Evening Gown is always a crowd favorite. Add in the unique proposal of being escort- ed by their proud and sometimes overwhelmed husbands, and you have an Evening Gown presentation that, along 74 PAGEANTRY