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your look ● body sculpting By Dr. Harvey C Jenkins, PhD, MD The ABCs of Aesthetic Lasers The newest advances in Aesthetic Laser treatments are offering you the chance to show off your greatest physique yet, with just a few simple procedures H ave you ever looked at a picture of Kim Kar- dashian in a bathing suit? Or a concert or video image of Beyoncé, Shakira, or P!NK wearing an outfit that bears her mid-section? What about the now infamous picture of Tara Reid’s ab- domen, riddled with surgical scars from lipo gone bad? Among these examples, a fairly complete range of the strategies and technologies to achieve a beautiful body and their ramifications are reflected. Truth be told, no one is perfect, which is an important reality to recognize. In pageant competition as well as with- in the realm of modeling, this is usually a frustrating thing. The “silver lining” or “diamond tiara” underlying this state- ment is that everyone has a shot to win. With regard to swimsuit preparation, “would-be” champions spend count- less hours in the gym and follow the strictest diets and nu- tritional programs to achieve the best physiques possible. But in many ways, it’s like walking on a high-wire be- tween what is healthy and harmful. As a physician, I have witnessed firsthand the harmful side, when over-training and hardcore dieting lead to health consequences. I have also seen the consequences, while not negatively impacting a person’s overall health, lead to a result that does not meet the cosmetic goal. For most, pageant life and modeling ca- reers are short, just like in professional sports. Even with the many rewards that come with competition, winning and discovery aren’t everything, particularly if it comes at the expense of your health. The trend in preparation is now focused on health and a healthy appearance rather than meeting a specific dress 64 PAGEANTRY LASER TIGHT: Analysts discovered laser liposuction involves less bruising and a quicker recovery time. And new research pre- sented at the annual meeting of the American society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in Washington, D.C., suggests laser lipo- suction also results in the much-coveted skin-tightening effect. size. Judges of state and national pageants as well as talent scouts, whether trained to do so or just by intuition, are ex- perts in recognizing a healthy appearance and the signs of good fitness. Some of the signs you can actually detect in a person’s face, not just in a person’s physique. Some may even be able to detect liposuction scars, the lipo healing re- sponse, and their characteristic appearances even when the procedure is performed correctly. The response to this trend has been to find the pathways to perfection that offer the least amount of risk to one’s health and come closest to achieving the aesthetic goals. While cosmetic surgery has a place both inside and outside of the glamour industry, corrective surgery isn’t always nec- essary for everyone. The corrections in your physique can very likely be achieved using Aesthetic Laser technology, which, unlike its cosmetic surgery counterpart, is less inva- sive, offers less risk and potential competition, requires less downtime and, thankfully, is less expensive. Let’s review some types of Aesthetic Lasers and how they may help you in your pageant preparation. A IS FOR ACCENT XL Accent XL, while technically not a laser in the purest sense of the word, uses ampliflied light in the radio-fre- quency spectrum that can produce the results similar to li- posuction and SmartLipo. Unlike the lipo procedures, there are no incisions. The skin is not breached, so bleeding,