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news & views ● socially speaking On Pageantry magazine’s Facebook page [] we receive your comments and questions and we appreciate every single one of them. The following is a sampling your comments and letters: Teri Temple Kirkland LOVE your fabulous magazine. You were kind enough to give a one year subscription to my daughter after winning her state title through the Little Miss South Carolina Pageant. Pageantry has become a family affair with us and we are using Catherine’s successes to go out in our community and serve. It is amazing how many doors a crown will open for you. Our moto is “A Crown is a key, unlocking opportunities for service.” We will continue our subscription to Pageantry magazine after this year as we have grown to rely on it for so much information about the world of pageantry. Thanks so much! Diana Hay Carl, I really enjoyed receiving your letter. This letter made me feel proud to be part of the pageantry family wherever I am at. I hope our partnership will be one that you count on to grow and be able to count on 150%. Again, I am proud to be serving you. I am the happiest woman in the world right now and always will be. John Baker Hey Alyssa Campanella, we are Pageantry and PromTime’s pic of the week! Thanks Carl Dunn and Shanna Moakler for a great time at Miss Nevada Teen USA and Miss Nevada USA! 16 PAGEANTRY Fred Abel Thanks for the trip down memory lane. You guys have this gig down to a science at this point. (re: Fashion Showcase album) Janet Mcculloh Hi Carl, You look and sound great! I loved your interview. (Behind the Scenes at the Miss USA Pageant, Google+ Hangout) Carla Richards Carl, thank you for being gracious with your time today in speaking with me. It was a pleasure to talk with you. I so appreciate the integrity you strive to bring to the field of pageantry. Blessings to you and your family. Britt Boyse (Miss Utah USA Director) This week has been a very interesting one. First and foremost, I am ridiculously proud of Marissa for facing millions of detractors (bullies?) and choosing to laugh at what most everyone would consider a devastating moment. The Miss USA pageant has changed her life, in a way no one considered. But she rose above, owned it and is moving on. I love, respect and adore her. It’s in times like these that your friends show their character. I’m very thankful, grateful and amazed at my friends who have called, texted, emailed, messaged me encouragement and support. I want this experience to make me a better friend, to be more sensitive to your trials and quick to offer prayers, love and support. SOCIALLY SPEAKING Continued on page 60