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news & views ● editorial By Ashley Burns W Tell us Some of Your Good News ith the advent and spread of the 24/7 cable news media cycle of the past decade or so, the national and international news focus has be- come more about competition than it is about delivering stories. What was once a journalistic obligation among the biggest net- works and media outlets to deliver timely, informative and factual news, has since become a contest to deliver the quickest headlines for the sake of ratings and web traffic, and that has led to an influx of what we can simply call bad news. More and more, we see stories that are heartbreaking or terrifying instead of positive and uplifting, because the prevailing belief in the mainstream media is that bad news draws more viewers than the good. Lately, obviously, we’ve seen plenty of upsetting news stories that have had people wishing they could be ostriches, popping their heads in the sands every time a breaking news announcement comes across the screen. But it doesn’t have to be that way, at least not for us. At Pageantry magazine, we know that our readers and family in the Glamour Lifestyle industry are among the world’s most positive influences, from their in- credible and unique platforms to their flawless smiles and infectious energy. That’s why we’ve always encouraged you all to share your stories with us as often as possible, whether in our pages or through our website and Facebook page. As the industry leader for over 34 years, we’re constantly looking for new ways to share all of your stories with your peers across the globe, and that has led us to the creation of our unparalleled website,, and espe- cially our Pageantry PodCast, which allows you to hear some of the biggest names in the Glamour Lifestyle industry—from Miss USA and Miss America titleholders, to the directors of the industry’s A-list events, to the people who de- sign your amazingly gorgeous gowns and makeup and jewelry styles—telling their stories of success and how they use each day of their lives to inspire the peo- ple around them. Take this issue’s cover model and 2013 Miss USA Erin Brady, for example. Erin stunned the crowd from start to finish at this year’s Miss USA competition amid the scorching heat and bright lights of the Las Vegas strip, as she simply revealed to the massive live audience and the millions of people around the world who she is and why she deserves our respect and admiration. Erin’s upbringing wasn’t one that most young women would be proud of, as she was raised in a home that was plagued by substance abuse. However, because she realized at a young age that she needed to be a positive influence, not only to her sisters but also girls across the country, she used her sit- uation not as a crutch, but as inspiration to rise up and prove to everyone that anyone can overcome adversity if they remain positive and focused. Erin’s story is one of just many that help us relieve the tension and negativity of the 24/7 news cycle and realize that not everything has to be bad news. As always, we encourage our readers and fans to keep sharing their stories with us via email or Facebook, so we can include them in our positive news focus and help to keep inspiring people of all ages and backgrounds to strive to be bet- ter people. After all, if we didn’t use our status as the Glamour Lifestyle indus- try leader to help tell your stories, then we wouldn’t be doing our part either. And it’s your stories, selfless efforts, incredible passion and all-around kind-hearted dedication to your causes and platforms that not only keep us wanting to publish them, but keeps everyone else wanting to read them more. Ⅺ 10 PAGEANTRY