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Leading the Worldwide Celebration Pageantry magazine: Your # 1 magazine “Celebrating the Glamour Lifestyle.” From state, national and international events and everything in between, to the major modeling competitions and talent searches from around the globe, you get the front row seat that only Pageantry can deliver. Each issue brings you our special insight that over 34 years of industry expertise provides. Our expert writers bring you the latest in- sider tips on the Hairstyles of today and tomorrow, Makeup techniques that put you in the spotlight, proven Fitness routines that get you the look you want before hitting the runway, Communication advice for the all important interview and call-back, as well as the Etiquette of how to handle your time in the limelight and the how-to of getting into the glamorous world of Modeling. Our industry expert writers take you behind- the-scenes as no one else can and give you the secrets that help you succeed in the glamour lifestyle. Showcasing the leading designers in the glamour lifestyle industry in the annual Pageantry and PromTime Fashion Showcase brings the hottest styles in Pageant, Prom, Social Oc- casion and Red Carpet couture gowns to you as shot on location from the world’s largest on-site fashion photo shoot. That’s us… Pageantry… Celebrating the Glamour Lifestyle. PageantryDigital: Bringing you the best of Pageantry… only in today’s digital realm. PageantryDigital brings you all the extras you demand in the fast-paced and glamorous lifestyle you lead. Heck, you can even read it on your iPhone, iPad, or whatever your mobile device! Have a favorite story or designer fashion? Send it to your closest friends. Want to really learn more about some of our featured advertisers? Just “click” on their commercial or showcase link that’s right there on the page for you. PageantryDigital… all things Pageantry plus more! Your world just got a little closer. Pageantry Online: The flagship web site of the industry since 1997. Quick read features, industry Newsline, As Seen In, the Pageantry and PromTime Fashion Showcase—they’re all here. Receiving up to 32 million page views in a single month, our online extension is the place to check in for up-to-date information on all things new in Pageantry and the glamour lifestyle including historical features from previous issues of Pageantry. Looking to win some bling or other prizes? Too easy. Just answer the quarterly Web Q&A, and if we publish your answer… you win. Pageantry Online really puts you in the judge’s chair. Pageantry & PromTime Fashion Showcase: Fashion and unparalleled glamour. Celebrating over 21 years, the Pageantry and PromTime Fashion Showcase ex- clusive brings you the signature looks from the hottest designers in the industry. See yourself in one of the signature looks? Visit the online extension, “click” on your dress and you can instantly see your dress as featured in the showcase. With the Pageantry and PromTime Fashion Showcase, we really do Celebrate the Glamour Lifestyle. Pageantry and PromTime Online Fashion Boutique: One of Pageantry’s most exciting additions to our ever- expanding family of industry firsts. An exclusive alliance of the glamour industry featuring Pageantry’s fashion showcase, your leading design houses and the most respected boutiques from around the globe, the Pageantry and PromTime Online Fashion Boutique delivers your dream dress just in time for your next red carpet event. With Pageantry’s 32 years of industry leadership featuring the top fashion designers in the glamour lifestyle, you’re guaranteed to feel like you’ve captured the title. Link from the Pageantry web site or visit promdress- Pageantry Social Scene: Fans... Friends... we're practically everywhere. Looking to socialize with your # 1 glamour lifestyle magazine? Look no further. Our multiple social networking sites, com- munity pages, and fan pages have become an industry leading online gathering place for all things glamorous. It's the perfect place to let us know what you're up to and how we're doing. (Face- book: Pageantry and Promtime, Pageantry and Promtime Boutique.) Pageantry PodCast: The industry standard Pageantry PodCast features a variety of exclusive interviews via podcast that you won’t be able to listen to anywhere else. Not only will you be able to actually hear the extended interviews that you read in the pages of Pageantry magazine, but you’ll also be able to listen to interviews with state and national titleholders, celebrities, mod- els, designers, pageant directors and even additional advice and tips from our expert columnists. It’s even FREE on iTunes! In Print, Digital, Online, Social, MultiMedia… you CAN get it all! 407.260.2262