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MODELING & TALENT modeling By Eve Matheson ON A ROLL: (L-R) Leah Walton, director of Models For Christ - New York, with Christina and Shane Nearman, directors of MFC International. Calling for More Support Inspirational organizations like Models For Christ are becoming more valuable to the careers of aspiring models in need of direction s I sat down to write this column, I received a surprise phone call from a Christian radio station in the Unit- ed Kingdom, causing me to set aside the text I had al- ready mentally written. The caller was Rosemary Dana Scallon, a talk show host at the Premier Christian Radio Network, requesting an interview. Dana explained that someone had shown her a copy of my book, “Model Scoop & Acting Info”, and she had been intrigued by a chapter entitled, “Stick to Your Values”, in which I write about an or- ganization called Models For Christ—MFC [see Pageantry Winter 2008 edition]. My lead into this chapter reads: “Always do what you know is right. You sometimes end up doing things you regret be- cause you think it will help your career. You do not have to compro- mise your values to achieve success.” The research and interviews I did for the MFC chapter endorsed this opening paragraph. Since the publication of my book, I have received positive feed- back from models and parents who had read with relief about MFC. It had led many aspiring models to put aside their fears and embark on modeling careers. Anxious parents held on to their fears but were more willing to give their support. When Dana told me that the program would be heard throughout the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, I realized I had to do more research and interviews in order to bring the in- formation on this ministry up to date. From the new facts it was obvious that there is a growing and urgent need for moral and spir- itual support for both new and seasoned models. A WHAT’S NEW FOR MFC? MFC is a non-denominational, non-profit ministry based in New York City, which meets once a week and has a monthly din- 64 PAGEANTRY