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Leils Rahmani Zac Teague s the Modeling Association of America International celebrates 52 years of bringing fresh new models to the fashion runways and talent for television and movies, this year’s big event took place at the Deauville Beach Resort on the beautiful coastline of Miami Beach, min- utes from the hot spot of South Beach. As the new president for MAAI, Stephan Beakey from DMG Management said, “It is time for next year’s participants to start preparing now. MAAI is the premier organization for showcasing talent in the industry. MAAI and its directors train and personal- ly guide their models and actors to be the best they can be in pur- suing their chosen dreams within the modeling and acting industries. Many of today’s successful models and actors got their start at the MAAI.” Directors took great pride in the young, talented people they brought to this year’s MAAI event, spending many months train- ing these students as they prepared for their big on-stage show- czase. Each agency/school competed to be named an award winner with such titles as Agency of the Year, School of the Year, and Group Runway Award or the Excellence Award, among others. There are many MAAI individual competition categories for children through adults, including: Kidzz Quizz, Runway, Cold Read Monologue, Soap Star, Legs, and Swimsuit TV Commercials. The competition also gave models and actors a chance to compete in talent for the many scouts and agents who attended to find fu- ture stars to represent their agencies worldwide. This year the contestants had many seminars to choose from to prepare them for auditions for commercials and movies. The fash- ion seminar provided the latest trends with how to accessorize in- A Ready for their Moment This year’s MAAI event once again brought together the modeling and acting industries’ brightest young talents with today’s big star makers 52 PAGEANTRY