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Paula Shugart PEOPLE WATCHING who’swho2012 PAULA SHUGART Location: New York, New York MAJOR ACCOMPLISHMENTS President of the Miss Universe Organization OTHER POSITIONS & HONORS Ⅲ Dean’s Advisory Council to Ohio Univer- sity Scripps College of Communication. Ⅲ Medal of Merit for Achievement in En- tertainment and Television Production. Ⅲ Commissioner to NY Mayor Michael Bloomberg on New York City’s Latin Media and Entertainment Commission. Ⅲ Honored member of Women's Leader- ship Board at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. PRODUCTION EXPERIENCE Producer: Miss Universe Pageant Miss USA Pageant Miss Teen USA Pageant Shows for ABC, NBC, MTV and Columbia Pictures Member: Director’s Guild of America and the Pro- ducers Guild of America MAJOR INFLUENCE AND INSPIRATIONS F N O ACH IO EMENT IEV RECOGNIT My Father, Admiral Kenneth Shugart. Who’s Who Founded 1974 PAGEANTRY TM COMMUNITY SERVICE Ⅲ Best Buddies Ⅲ Breast Cancer Awareness, Susan G. Komen Foundation Ⅲ Same Sky PAGEANTRY 43