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YOUR LOOK hairstyles By Whitney Weatherington Straight to the Point Simple doesn’t have to mean boring when it comes to your hairstyle, as the fall is combining straight and easy with rich and lustrous airstyles this fall are all about the clean and polished finish. The clothing gets more structured and tailored and the hair reflects that. Beach style waves and loose carefree curls are extremely popular during spring and summer, but when fall comes, it is time to smooth out your locks and tailor your hairstyle. I chose sleek and smooth for Lauren’s hair, which is a perfect hairstyle for the fall. Sleek, smooth, straight hair is always a go-to look, and is very traditional and timeless. Straight hair at any length gives a sultry ef- fect. Your hair looks touchable and clean and appropriate for any af- fair. During the fall your clothing is more formal and dressy and the contrast of smooth, sleek hair gives your look such a great balance. I love styling hair smooth and straight. It allows a woman’s nat- ural beauty to shine through, because your hair is not a distraction. When a hairstyle is straight it also reflects shine, so your hair looks healthy and desirable. Most women that wear their hair straight feel as though it is easier to manage. The hair is less prone to tan- gles and usually looks great for a second day of wear. This look is so easy to create, but there are a few things to re- member to make your hair as sleek and smooth as possible. The first thing is sectioning. Be sure to take appropriate sections depending on the density and texture of your hair. The more thick or curly your hair the smaller your sections should be. The next tip is use a light amount of product. Straight hair shows oiliness really quick. Most importantly, use a heat resistant comb to separate the hair as you flat iron. Flat irons are like clothes, they’re not one-size fits all. The length and thickness of your hair should determine the size of your iron. The right size iron will be easier to maneuver, straight- en your hair more efficiently, and decrease the risk of overheating and damaging your hair. For short, thick or fine hair: Use an iron with narrow plates ranging in size from half-an-inch to one-inch thick. For long, thick or fine hair: Use an iron with wider plates ranging in size from one-and-a-half inches to two-inches wide so you're able to cover more surface area in less time. If you remember these easy steps it will make achieving straight hair a breeze. Straight hair can be worn for any occasion. During the fall this style looks great worn at casual affairs where jeans are ap- propriate as well as to formal events when wearing a gorgeous evening gown or cocktail dress. The style is practical and when done appropriately, it looks great worn anywhere. H PHOTOS BY TED WEST Model Lauren Barnette, from Wise, Virginia, won her first pageant title in 2001 when she was crowned Miss Virginia Teen USA 2002 and com- peted in the nationally televised Miss Teen USA pageant. In 2006, she won the Miss Virginia USA 2007 title, becoming the sixth former Teen title- holder to win the Miss crown. Lauren represented Virginia in the Miss USA 2007 pageant which was held in Los Angeles. She placed in the top 10. Since giving up her title, Lauren has been a "suit- case girl" on NBC's hit show, “Deal or No Deal” and was also the feature model in the country music video “Anything Goes” by Randy Houser. 30 PAGEANTRY