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YOUR LOOK jewelry By Catherine Potgieter Romance is in the Air Freshen up your classic jewelry and inspire your own fashion sense with modern updates on previously popular styles ftentimes, the main focus of updating our wardrobe seasonally has been to incorporate the new trends in clothing. But it is equally important to update ac- cessories, especially to some women for whom it is fun to satisfy their inner desire of being jeweled up like a Queen or Princess. For the pageant contestants, before we begin the search for the perfect evening gown for the new competition season, take time to reflect upon the popular fashion trends of 2012 and get a head start on styling and accessorizing your wardrobes beforehand. This sea- son, it’s all about rediscovering your inner beauty and embracing the power of accessories with the right jewels for a romantic look. O MAKE A STATEMENT With a statement brooch, necklace or earrings, a fashionista can transform the blandest outfit and turn Cinderella into a Princess, if not a Queen. Don’t be too shy in making yourself the center of attention by wearing statement-setting jewelry with vivid colors in beautiful electric blue, purple, light brown and black during this fall season. It has been proven from the runway to international fashion houses that there are no more restrictive guidelines or boundaries in fashion jewelry design. A few must-have accessories for this fall that will enhance an outfit with an unstoppable wow- factor are oversized cocktail rings, bracelets and dangling chande- lier earrings that touch your collarbone. It is an advantageous and surefire way to feature brightness and enhancement, creating a red carpet-ready look. Another piece that is easy to wear as an eye catching statement is a cocktail ring, which is a perfect item to attract attention when you strike a pose or are casually holding a microphone on stage. Simple, subtle colors with oversized designs, or hot and trendy Pompeian red combined with a bright evergreen hue, are great ways to use some of these new styles of accessories. Hair accessories are certainly not to be missed this season. They can be found in a wide variety depending on your hairstyle and the 20 PAGEANTRY FORGET ME NOT particular occasion. With or without hair extensions, it is time to show off your romantic style by pulling off an effortless twist of your loose up-do with a signature hair clip such as the Autumn Leaf, for the perfect finish, by adding an extra-glam impact. It is a smashing fairy-tale finishing piece that complements most formal dresses with a minimal investment. FORGET ME NOT First impressions count in any format of competition, or better yet, everyday encounters. It takes less than five seconds to solidify your imprint with your audience, for better or worse. How else to better demonstrate one’s self-confidence if you are ready to make a grand entrance at a party or gala, wearing an extravagant necklace or set of earrings. If you are proportionally tall enough to showcase a statement set, “the bolder the better” is still going strong in fall and winter 2012 seasons. To top it off, if you are comfortable enough to show off your shapely legs on stage, take to the red carpet with a high slit dress which is also taking the lead among this season’s trends. To say the least, a simple, fitted black gown can always pair nicely with any statement set you wish to wear for a special occasion. This is a great way to easily achieve the goal of making your first impression a positive, successful one without feeling like you are over-acces- sorizing yourself.