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NEWS & VIEWS sociallyspeaking On Pageantry magazine’s Facebook page [] we receive your comments and questions and we read and appreciate every single one. The following is a sampling your comments and letters: Yolimar Lara A huge thanks to Pageantry and PromTime for giving me a copy of this month’s issue. That's great work right there! If you don't have your copy GO GET IT! Keep up the awesome job guys :) Jennifer Bopp Cady 20 years ago, I picked up my first copy of Pageantry magazine and dreamed of being in a national pageant. Two years later, I was a con- testant in the Miss America Organization. Two years ago, I dreamed of photographing Miss America for Pageantry and PromTime. Today I am so thankful to both organizations for entrusting me with this amazing COVER opportunity! Thank you both Carl Dunn and The Miss America Organization! I am so honored. Meli Jegasini Love the spread of Georgia Rose Matlack last issue. Pageantry started her on the road to her other accomplishments and they are a lot for a 7-year old. Michelle Field I just received the summer edition of Pageantry and the cover is even more spectacular in per- son. The colors pop off the page. Laura Kaep- peler is stunning! This is the best cover yet! Amie Jelich Yaniak Shaune Stauffer Lauren Scott Monahan Hi Carl, I just read the Summer issue of Pageantry magazine, and it's awesome as al- ways! Love the piece on Miss America Laura Kaeppeler and the coverage of the MAO events. Thank you for providing the industry with a truly great magazine! Thanks to Pageantry for honoring not only the huge national pageants, but the smaller, less visible ones. After years of competing, from MAO to the senior divisions, I'm still in love with this magazine. It was so wonderful to meet all of you! I had such a great time at the Miss America pag- eant. Thank you for everything. Cynthia Albert Kelly Ann Clay Wow! That’s a phenomenal cover, the colors pop on the screen. Can’t wait to see the print edition. 12 PAGEANTRY It was an absolute pleasure to meet you and your wife last Saturday at the Mrs. Florida America Pageant! I am honored as a recipient of the Pageantry magazine Spirit Award! Thank you! ; )