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NEWS & VIEWS Editorial By Ashley Burns The First Family of the Glamour Lifestyle I n this issue’s special interview with Jeff Vanderpol, we get an exclusive look into the mind of an ambitious man with a brand new take on how to make it big in Hollywood. Through his brand new project, My Big Movie Break, Vanderpol is attempting to cut a back door into the exclusive member’s only club that is the entertainment industry. As he enthusiastically shared with us, there are thousands of people out there who will never get their chance to display their talents, and he believes that he has their solution. My Big Movie Break has a lot to do with the idea of manifest destiny, in that people have to be ambitious in seizing their opportunities and they have to be willing to work for what they want. But it’s also about the idea of trying something that’s never been done before in order to change the industry as we know it. As we all know, change is good. That idea of seizing opportunities and taking chances is something that we’re all too familiar with these days. In order to better serve our readers and advertisers, we continually expand the ways in which we’re available to everyone. After printing digitally for 5 years, this meant taking on the task of creating and developing our digital version in-house. The digital version of Pageantry magazine is only the tip of the iceberg, too. As we work to make each issue as thorough and inclusive as we can, we’ve also expanded the accessories that we offer each of you in your reading experience. This begins with social media and our Facebook page that you can “like” and reach out directly to us, our advertisers, and your fellow readers. Ultimately, our Facebook serves as a community chat room for people to share their thoughts about Pageantry and the Glamour Lifestyle, as long as they exhibit the proper etiquette, of course. Additionally, we’re also very proud of how much we’ve expanded the Pageantry website, even beyond the availability of all of the print edition content and pictures. You can now visit our homepage and watch exclusive videos of our Who’s Who in Pageantry recipients, like Elizabeth Tran, and you can even watch our very own Carl Dunn recognized at the 5th annual State and Local Pageant Volunteers Reception during the Miss America Week in Las Vegas. Carl was one of the outstanding people recognized for their volunteerism and years of service. And of course the cherry on top is the exclusive look at the amazing designs of the 2012 Pageantry & Promtime Fashion Showcase that only we offer. Of course we also have the one-of-a-kind Pageantry Podcast that allows our readers to not only listen to the interviews that we feature on our pages, but also hear some of the bonus comments and thoughts that we don’t have a chance to include in the print edition. There’s a lot of work that goes into what we do, specifically as the “First Family of the Glamour Lifestyle Industry” and we’re fortunate that the strength of the industry is so good right now. That allows us to continue to reach out to new people and create new relationships, which in turns gives us an unprecedented opportunity to explore new ideas for this magazine, as the industry leader. Our goal is essentially to keep our content as fresh as possible to benefit you. Anything less is unacceptable. We know that the industry is good because we see it in the TV ratings, crowds at markets, and emails that keep our inboxes jam packed. It fuels and drives us, because your opinions and feed- back matter in helping us decide what’s next. Speaking of what’s next, there’s a great deal more on the horizon, because we’ve barely even begun to scrape the surface of the revolutionary ideas that we have for evolving this Glamour Lifestyle family that we’ve created. Stay tuned, because we’ve got a lot more to offer coming down the runway. Pageantry... Celebrating the Glamour Lifestyle. In Print... Digital... Online... So- cial... and Multi-Media. You Can Get It All! Ⅺ 10 PAGEANTRY