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PEOPLE WATCHING competitionclips 2012 W ORLD U NIVERSAL P AGEANT first and foremost to com- municate the love and com- passion so many need in their daily lives. A crown with a purpose is not just a crown, but it is one motto ACROSS THE WORLD: (L-R) Newly crowned Queens Hayley Hughes, Miss WU; Peyton Mills, Teen Miss WU; Alyssa Riddle, Jr. Teen Miss World Universal exhibits. These queens’ involve- WU; Makenna Adkins, Jr. Ambassador; Petro van Straten, WU Good Will Ambassador; Brittany Best, Cover Girl; Beth Bradley, Grand ment and commitment is Ambassador; and Michelle McCollum, Lifetime Queen II. inspiring, as they set the he World Universal Pageant celebrated service activities and promoting the WU standard for ladies with a cause. Some its second year as an international pag- system. Another South African, Petro van have braved their own battles with cancer, eant promoting beauty, intelligence, com- Straten, took home a crown this year, fol- suicide, physical abuse, and bullying. They munity service, and good will throughout lowing in the footsteps of Marinique are now spokeswomen and role models for the world. In doing so, this year, an inter- Viljoen of Free State, South Africa, who the women of today and the future. □ national good will ambassador was named. won Ms. World Universal in 2011. Along with this ambassador, ladies ages 13 Each year, ladies from the U.S. and WORLD UNIVERSAL and up were chosen to represent World other countries around the world compete Miss World Universal __________ Hayley Hughes Universal as the 2012 queens. in Interview, Paris/Milan Fashion Wear Both Beth Bradley and Michelle Mc- (not to be confused with red carpet wear), Teen Miss WU__________________ Peyton Mills Jr. Teen Miss WU ______________ Alyssa Riddle Collum were crowned last year and were and Evening Gown. With the internation- Cover Girl ____________________ Brittany Best eligible to receive the ambassador and/or al exposure, contestants are privileged to Jr. Ambassador _____________ Makenna Adkins lifetime queen awards. Makenna Adkins combine cultures and make the pageant a WU Good Will Ambassador ____ Petro Van Staten received the Jr. Ambassador award for her learning experience for a weekend. Grand Ambassador _____________ Beth Bradley contributions to different community They participate in community service Lifetime Queen II __________ Michelle McCollum T 2012 A MERICAN E LEGANCE P AGEANTS Interview, Personal Expression, Fashion, On-Stage Question and Evening Gown. The reign- ing national queens said their final farewells before the awards and the crowning of a new Elegance International. This title is given to an outgo- ing titleholder that had the best overall reign as queen judged by community service and ap- pearances. Wilma Terry, Ms. AMERICA THE ELEGANT: Ms. American Elegance Sophisticate Leslie Bates, Ms. American Elegance Jade Newton, Ms. Elegance International Elegance International 2010- Sujoing Drakeford, Ms. American Elegance Woman Kimberly Grooms, and 11, crowned Sujoing Drakeford Miss Teen American Elegance Isha Jog. as the new Ms. Elegance Inter- national 2011-12. he American Elegance Pageant was The contestants owned the stage in a held at the Double Tree Hotel in Oak beautiful parade of gowns before the fol- Brook, IL as contestants came from all lowing awards were finally announced for over the country to compete for the titles each division: Miss Congeniality was de- of Miss Teen American Elegance (13 to 19 clared Kandace Grooms; the Pageantry years), Ms. American Elegance (20-35), Spirit Award was presented to Jil-Marie Ms. American Elegance Woman (36 and Williams; The Kristen Marie Bliss Award up) and Ms. American Elegance Sophisti- to Lavondra Ballard; Ultimate Model cate (size 14 and up/ages 18 and up). The Award to Stephanie Sylvester; The Nedra pageant has a division for everyone and Stewart Community Service Award to Isha celebrated its 13th year in 2011. Jog; the People’s Choice Award to Alexis There are five phases of competition— Clark; the Fashion Diva Award to Felicia T 110 PAGEANTRY Sewell; and Photogenic to Samantha Varga. The final crowning results revealed Miss Teen American Elegance 2011-12 Isha Jog, Ms. American Elegance 2011-12 Jade Newton, Ms. American Elegance Woman 2011-12 Kimberly Grooms, and Ms. American Elegance Sophisticate 2011-12 Leslie Bates. The Teen division runner-ups included 1st runner-up Samantha Varga, 2nd run- ner-up Christine Gimondo, and 3rd run- ner-up Adrianna Magnone. The Ms. Division 1st runner-ups were Nicole Black, 2nd runner-up Kandace Grooms, and 3rd runner-up Dominique Collins. The Ms. Woman Division comprised 1st runner-up Stephanie Sylvester, 2nd run- ner-up Stacey Coats. And the Ms. Sophis- ticate Division embraced 1st runner-up Cindy Ramos-Parmley and 2nd runner-up Alexis Clark. □ 2012 AMERICAN ELEGANCE Ms. American Elegance __________Jade Newton Miss Teen American Elegance ________Isha Jog Ms. American Elegance Woman Kimberly Grooms Ms. American Elegance Sophisticate __Leslie Bates Ms. American Elegance Int’l ___Sujoing Drakeford