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YOUR LOOK fitness By Dr. Harvey Jenkins Clock into the Physique Factory A variety of workout and conditioning methods can help you attain your desired body shape in a matter of weeks t is that one moment or series of mo- ments when everything has to be flaw- less. The hair, the makeup, the physique, the walk, the articulation and the talent have to be ‘en-pointe’. There is no room for even the slightest error or miscalcula- tion. It has to be perfect. It’s a tough challenge, but one that many women of all ages from around the country and around the world accept each year. The women who are the most gifted, most de- termined, and most talented are the women whose ‘one-in-a-million’ dream become re- ality. As an owner of a Physique Factory, I have had the honor to know and work with many of these outstanding women. As a student of human behavior, I have also had a chance to observe the habits, patterns and commonalities of people who are destined to become icons and legends, and to under- stand the philosophies of the women who become champions. If you’ve never heard the term Physique Factory, don’t worry, you are not alone. If you are planning to win a major Pageant, then it is a term you must know. I THE “PHYSIQUE FACTORY” A Physique Factory is a facility which specializes in the improvement and en- hancement of the physique through body 86 PAGEANTRY sculpting and body shaping. It may be most easily defined by what it is not. It is not a Gym. It is not the Cosmetic Surgeon. The Physique Factory is the new wave of med- ical spas that employ the latest in non-sur- gical technology to automate, simplify, and accelerate the process of weight loss, inch loss, fat reduction, skin tightening, muscle toning, and muscle lifting. Technologies available at the Physique Factory are geared towards re-designing and enhancing your physique non-surgi- cally. We use medical weight loss to re- duce pounds, our VIP system to; sculpt, ‘6-pack’, lift and tone, our lasers to melt fat and cellulite to reduce inches, and our skin-tightening lasers and related tech- nology to make your skin “banjo-tight.” Your treatment will be carefully cus- tomized for your specific body type, di- mensions and physiques. The goal of body sculpting and physique enhancement at the Physique Factory is not to create the same “body” or “body structure” for every client. The goal is to work with the body structure the client has, and through body sculpting and body contouring technology, to exaggerate the dimensions of the client. The exagger- ation of the physiques creates a dramatic look that allows the contestant to ‘stand out’ in a sea of nearly perfect physiques. THE TECHNOLOGY Genetics, physical activity and nutri- tion generally are the chief determinants of your body shape and composition. Most competitors are blessed with good genetics and with great motivation and discipline to begin with. Even with the best habits and the largest desire to win, there can still be challenges with the body that are not easi- ly overcome without help. Some clients struggle with excessive weight, typically 5-20 lbs, that doesn’t seem to come off with cardio. Some have loose, slack or lax skin that gives the im- pression of aging or not being fit. Some clients lament the fact that they don’t have a 6-pack or 8-pack abdominals like some of their competition, despite doing hun- dreds of crunches a day on the gym. Other clients struggle with sagging body parts, and consider surgical lifts or implants, when that really may not be necessary. And let’s not even mention cellulite. There are many places a competitor can go to seek solutions to these prob- lems. Obviously, the right balance of car- dio and resistive-training in the gym with a sound nutritional plan is usually where clients go first.